Benefits of Hiring a Bodyguard

We’ve all seen celebrities, politicians, and high-profile individuals walking around with one or more broad-shouldered bodyguards prepared to keep gawkers, paparazzi, and bad actors at an arm’s length. But, do you know that anyone with safety concerns can hire additional protection? That means you, your family, or neighbors are just as likely to have a personal bodyguard due to protection and safety concerns than the high-profile person you see on television.


What is the role of a bodyguard?

The primary role for a bodyguard is to keep you and often your family safe from harm. However, the function of keeping you safe is much more extensive than simply acting as an escort. Common functions that your personal bodyguard will conduct while in service include being prepared, deterring crime, assessing your current security, and constantly evaluating security risks. Here is a more descriptive approach to your bodyguard’s role.

Being prepared for any situation: When a safety incident occurs, there is little time to act. Most safety risks, whether accidental or purposeful last only seconds and there is often less time to react. Bodyguards are trained to respond immediately and be prepared for any situation. Preparation is key such as mapping out routes, room checks and monitoring for electronic bugging devices, and potential environmental and vehicle threats.

Evaluating current and ongoing security strength: Once you begin working with a bodyguard a major part of their job will be assessing your current strength of security, looking for weak points such as security system, door locks, window security, gates, and how you go about your day to day activities. The goal is to identify vulnerabilities in your security and improve upon your current and ongoing security strength.

Deter harm and crime: Bodyguards help to deter attackers and thieves from acted on you. Whether the harm is from a stalker, ex-spouse, or a complete stranger, most people will not act on their intentions if a professional bodyguard is with you. You are particularly vulnerable while travelling or in unfamiliar surroundings.

Always on high alert: Whether you are walking alone in a dimly lit parking lot or in a large crowd, your bodyguard is trained to identify odd behavior and potentially dangerous situations and keep the threat from getting to you. In addition to being a deterrent, your bodyguard can act as a second set of eyes and ears on the constant lookout for threats.

Other tasks: A bodyguard’s function is to protect you and those assigned to the security service, as well as your home, business, and assets. This can be a wide-reaching, extensive, and at times, challenging job. While in public, your bodyguard has likely mapped your driving or walking routes, exit routes, and secured your destination. Though, while at home or your business, your bodyguard may take on tasks such as securing perimeters, checking security systems, and welcoming visitors with a list premises rules and violations.

Benefits of hiring a bodyguard and security service

The roles of bodyguards are extensive, but what is it that a bodyguard can do for you beyond their specific function. In other words, “why would I hire a bodyguard?” Bodyguards provide the hands-on security and constant environmental assessments that many people are ill-equipped to handle on their own. From response time, a variety of skillsets, and character evaluation, your bodyguard can provide you the sense of security that you need to go about your life.

Fast response time
: Emergency services receive millions of calls every year for ongoing threats such as home invasions, medical emergencies, and other concerns. Your personal bodyguard is your first line of defense to help manage these situations before they become incidents. With even the best police response in the minutes, bodyguard’s fast response time cuts your protection response to mere seconds. Bodyguards are trained in combat, first aid, firearms, and other security measures and are equipped to handle a multitude of unexpected situations.

Constant Surveillance: Surveillance and counter-surveillance is how bodyguards can stay a step ahead. From working with the police and private investigators that help reveal security challenges to research and an evaluation of your current surveillance measures bodyguards come prepare. Bodyguards monitor your security system, can install, check, and monitor those systems, and perform ongoing inspections of your home and property.

Provide valuable skillsets: Bodyguards have diverse backgrounds often in criminal justice and military. Your bodyguards will be strong, be combat trained, mentally tough, and are often experienced in a variety of weapons and firearms. In addition to physical protection bodyguards are trained in first responder medical aid. With a protective and response ready approach your bodyguard will have the skillsets and expertise needed to respond appropriately to any situation.

Excellent character evaluation: Most people who hire bodyguards do so not because of a fear of accidents, but rather a fear from people. Bodyguards are experts in identifying unusual body language, curious eye movement, and other identifying behavioral threats. While most people think they are a good judge of character few are actually tested on this as an experienced bodyguard is. From handling everyday interactions to helping you evaluate threats such as blackmail, fraud, and other nefarious actors.

Provide comfort: The less you need to worry about, the better, right? Bodyguards handle the task of keeping you safe so that you can spend less time worrying about your personal or asset safety. Whether for your business or personal protection bodyguards allow you to have peace of mind knowing that someone is your constant lookout.

People who commonly need a bodyguard

Bodyguards are often associated with the wealthy and famous. However, people of all ages and backgrounds can find their self in a situation where a bodyguard is necessary. Whether you need protection from physical harm, emotional harm, celebrity status, or your personal wealth you might want to consider hiring a bodyguard. Here are a few examples of people who may need security protection.

CEOs and Business Executives: With incomes reaching high into the six-figures, as well as a degree of power, CEOs and business executives are often the target of robbery due to wealth. This type of robbery may not always be with a weapon but is just as likely due to blackmail. Additionally, with powerful roles in a company, CEOs and business executives may handle decisions that cost job loss, pay cuts, and more. These events strongly influence people to cause harm or behave erratically.

Bad personal relationships: One-third of women and one-quarter of men have experienced harm such as physical violence, rape, and stalking by an ex-partner. Domestic abuse and stalker-related incidents are events that may start small and grow into a more significant ongoing event. Whether you receive threatening letters and phone calls or you are experiencing physical and psychological abuse a bodyguard is a strong deterrent, or barrier between you and harm.

Anyone in the public spotlight: Celebrities are often the first people we think of when it comes to needing a bodyguard and for good reason. Celebrities and public figures are on television, radio, social media, and seemingly everywhere. So, it can be scary not knowing who is watching you or why. That being said, not all public spotlight is just on celebrities. Lottery winners, witness testimony, viral social media videos can all put you in unwanted public attention.

Protection for schools, churches, and other public places: Some people hire bodyguards to protect their self, family, or friends. However, increasingly business leaders and school administrators have moved to providing bodyguard and security protection for the general public. Crime can happen anywhere and to anyone, though some groups such as children and the elderly are more susceptible, and often don’t have the means to effectively fight back. So, whether it is a school, vacation rentals, business, or tourist location, bodyguards are frequently hired to protect one person or many more.

Do you think you need a bodyguard? Whether you are looking for personal protection or your school, church, or business needs increased security, a bodyguard and security services are the perfect deterrent and barrier of protection offering a variety of expertise and skillsets.

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