Business Mobile Security Patrol

Mobile Business patrol services – Business Security Guardia is one of Australia’s foremost private security firms, with a range of experienced staff and premium private security packages available to an assortment of clients based on their specific security requirements and commercial/organisational circumstances, we’ve got the tools and the experience to ensure your requirements are exceeded with excellent service and results. Mobile patrol services are part of our core group of business security services – designed to protect your commercial interests from interference or security risks. Mobile patrol services can be tailored to the specific needs of almost any commercial or organisational client. Guardia patrol officers are able to perform a variety of security functions to protect your organisation, its patrons, and staff, contractors, or guests. Some typical examples of situations where a mobile security patrol is highly useful include, but is not limited to, the following: • Schools • Factories • Construction sites • Shops, storefronts and business locations • Buildings and complexes • Staff escorts • Shopping centres • Openings and lockups • Car yards or industrial equipment hire businesses • Anywhere that requires a versatile security presence. A Guardia mobile security patrol provides an exceptional level of flexibility and security, suited to the security circumstances in which your business or organisation operates. Perhaps your staff require escorts after hours? Or you need a visible security presence to deter intruders or would-be thieves. This is just the start of some of the value you can expect to receive from a Guardia mobile security patrol. Complete with satellite navigational tracking equipment and time recording/verification equipment, Guardia offers an exceptional level of accountability and control to the would-be client, ensuring that they are always in control of their security interests. We provide mobile patrol services for businesses seven nights per week, every day of the year. We can arrange services on a casual, permanent, or ad-hoc basis depending on your requirements and security circumstances. In addition to the effectiveness of a Guardia mobile security patrol in preventing security breaches and defending your business from unwanted intrusion or theft, you may be pleasantly surprised by how cost-effective our mobile patrol options are. Designed for clients who may not be able to commit to a comprehensive security arrangement, Guardia tailors its security services to meet a range of budgets and other constraints.

Extensive security coverage and sound security procedures for your business or organisation

As a reliable, reputable, and efficient private security provider here in Melbourne, Guardia ensures that clients are kept well-informed of their security situation and are provided with a copy of our operational policies and procedures. These documents dictate the manner in which our security professionals operate, and is useful to refer to if you have any questions about how we will help protect your security interests. Additionally, Guardia has extensive security resources at our disposal, ensuring that clients in need of a high-level security presence or security coverage are looked after when they choose Guardia.

The Guardia difference in mobile and business security

The key to great security service lies in the relationship between the security provider and the client. Guardia has built its reputation as one of Australia’s leading private security firms on this premise, and places exceptional value on building professional relationships with new and returning clients. Guardia has proven time and again to be reliable, efficient, and competitive in its security services and rapport with a wide range of clients. Having enjoyed extensive growth over the last 15 years, Guardia attributes this success to the client-oriented approach we take to delivering premium security solutions here in Melbourne, interstate, and even abroad. In addition to our outstanding mobile patrol and business security services, we can assist you in defending your security interests by providing the following security systems for you or your business/organisation: • Full-body, dome, and covert CCTV security cameras • External and internal CCTV security cameras • Megapixel or analogue resolution CCTV security cameras • Network video recorders (NVR) • Digital video recorders (DVR) • Remote monitoring systems • Video alarm verification • Alarm triggering • LED surveillance monitors • Remove access and view-via smart phones, tablets, and computers • Spot monitors and console monitors. In conjunction with a mobile business patrol from Guardia, the above security equipment can ensure an unprecedented level of security for your business or organisation. Guardia always works closely with clients to ensure that they are able to choose a security plan which meets the specific requirements and security circumstances affecting their business, organisation, or personal needs.

Why choose Guardia for your business security or mobile patrol needs?

Guardia is responsible for the security and protection of hundreds of sites here in Melbourne. We have expanded our operations to cover an enormous range of clients with varying security circumstances and requirements. Guardia is a national and international private security firm, but we are the local experts here in Melbourne. Our Melbourne office is always ready to take your calls, answer your questions, and arrange security for you. As a result, we are in touch with the security concerns affecting local businesses, individuals, and organisations, and have a dedicated team of security professionals who are well abreast of relevant developments influencing security in your area. In addition to our extensive experience and commitment to only working with the best security professionals here in Melbourne, we are fully licensed and insured as required by Victoria Police. All Guardia security personnel hold the relevant security qualifications and licenses for their specific roles, such as monitoring, armed guards, crowd control, events security, cash in transit, canine security services etc. Guardia security professionals are trained and licensed through government and police accredited institutions, as well as undergoing an extensive in-house induction and training program here at Guardia. Our public liability insurance ensures that clients can rely on Guardia to deliver, even in exceptional circumstances, without any liability to the client. For the best in mobile security patrols, contact Guardia Risk on (03) 9863 9701, or send a message and one of our staff will follow up within 12 hours. Furthermore, if you’re looking for a security companies Melbourne, or security services Melbourne today, or security companies Melbourne, contact Guardia Risk on (03) 9863 9701, or send a message and one of our staff will follow up within 12 hours.