CASA Certified Security Patrol Services 

Guardia Risk is one of only a few security companies  in Australia with a CASA certification to conduct airport security patrols.

Airports are one of the busiest places on earth. Melbourne Airport alon
e, has recorded around 37.3 million passengers in 2018/2019 financial year. With a total increase of 2% for total flights, and around 5.3% increase for international flights.

Importance of Airport Security Patrol

Because there are millions of individuals using the airports, it is vital to m
ake sure that these individuals are kept secured and safe. Hiring an airport security patrol is crucial to provide passengers with a secure environment as they start and end their travel. They can elevate aviation security services, which helps increase customer satisfaction and optimise productivity.

The Role of Airport Security Patrol

Airport security patrol are commonly trained to be always alert and aware of their surroundings, given that their roles vary every day. They are also trained to deal with all sorts of situations that may arise during the daily operations of an airport. Because of this, each airport security personnel is able to perform a multitude of functions.

Airport security patrol typically roams around the airport premises to check and ensure that there is no imminent danger to the passengers. Patrol personnel can be assigned to screen the staff and passengers. Aviation security patrol specialists can also be designated to screen the passenger’s luggage and search for passengers. They are usually trained to interact with individuals of various nationalities and cultures.

Apart from securing passengers and airport personnel, an airport security patrol staff can also be assigned to do freight and air cargo screening. They are trained to detect suspicious packages, thereby making sure that all freights and cargos are safe for travel. A security patrol specialist can also do catering screening, as well as airside inspections.

By utilising closed circuit television (CCTV) and using their observations skills, patrol specialists can monitor all airport activities, whether inside or outside of the premises.

These security professionals can also be assigned to make sure that only authorised personnel have access to various buildings and facilities inside the airport. They login the regularly login in every individual that accessed these facilities so that they can countercheck later on if issues have emerged.

Securing the transfer of cash or other valuables such as jewellery may also be assigned to an airport security patrol, who will use a secure vehicle. While part of the team will guard the entrances, another part will monitor the exits. These professionals are always ready to communicate to other security personnel using different communication modules such as radio equipment or even mobile phones.

But other than these primary roles, airport security patrol can be assigned other different functions. They can dispense information to passengers and airport visitors. They can temporarily take over general reception duties or take charge of car park security. And in cases of untoward incidents, they can even write incident reports for the police and airport management.

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