Construction Mobile Security Patrol

It is an unfortunate fact in the construction industry that worksites are often a target for theft and vandalism. This may be due to their large size and the fact that workers are not present at times. Construction sites are also difficult to keep secure due to the constantly changing and developing nature of the site, making it difficult to have secure fencing and barriers in place. Guardia is aware of the risks to safety and security on construction site due to unwanted intrusions or attempts at vandalism or theft, and we have included in our suite of mobile security patrol services a comprehensive construction mobile patrol package tailored specifically to the requirements of clients engaged in building and construction operations here in Melbourne. Guardia provides effective security and monitoring to a number of construction sites here in Melbourne, with a range of options available to those looking to keep their worksite safe and secure around the clock. Guardia security personnel are trained in the strategies and protocols required to maintain a high level of security and safety in and around construction sites, such as what they need to look for, areas that need special attention, and any equipment which needs to be monitored. Our construction site security packages are site specific, we always do our best to get to know your business or organisation as well as your worksite before we deploy our security professionals to the area. This allows us to better understand your security requirements so that we might deliver the best possible private security outcomes.

Construction site security Melbourne

Construction sites are particularly sensitive when it comes to unwanted intrusions, and such intrusions, thefts, or acts of vandalism can cause significant delays that might push back the completion date on your project. Our mobile patrols are capable of monitoring several sites simultaneously, so long as they are not too far apart, with an almost immediate response in the event that a security risk is detected. Our equipment, such as alarms and CCTV units allow us to monitor the site from afar and notify the nearest patrol should something suspicious appear on the CCTV, or an alarm be set off. Generally, three levels of security coverage are available for construction sites – these can be selected, or modified, to suit your needs: • External security checks: Guardia’s mobile patrol team will periodically visit the construction site and conduct a perimeter check to ensure the site is secure. All accessible gates, doors, or windows serving as potential entrances to the site will be checked by our mobile patrol, who will place one of our calling cards at each of these crucial positions to mark their visit and identify our presence. During an external check, our mobile patrol team will search for any signs of suspicious activity, theft, or vandalism, and take appropriate action should such elements be detected. • Intermediate security checks: During an intermediate check, our mobile patrol team will first conduct an external/perimeter check to ensure that the site is secure. After following the complete external checking procedure, they will then proceed to enter the site (after being given access by the client), and check the construction area and grounds for signs of intrusion or suspicious activity. Equipped with searchlights and torches, our mobile patrol teams are sure to locate any intruders and apprehend them quickly and safely. • Internal security checks: An internal security check is the most comprehensive type of security service offered by our mobile patrol teams. During an internal security check, our mobile patrol team will first conduct a perimeter/external check, followed by an intermediate/site check, before actually entering any buildings present at the site. They will then proceed to patrol the building/s and check any internal areas that need attention. Internal checks involve more time on site for our guards, so they are by far the most effective means of preventing theft, vandalism, or intrusion at your construction or building site.

Why Choose Guardia’s mobile patrol for your construction site security in Melbourne?

Reasons abound for selecting Guardia as your private security provider for construction and building sites here in Melbourne. With over 15 years experience operating here in Melbourne, we have been responsible for safety and security at countless building and construction sites across the city and Melbourne metropolitan area during the recent construction boom. Mobile patrols are a highly efficient way of ensuring the safety and security of your construction site after hours, as our patrols pass between various sites during the night. Far cheaper than static security guards, mobile patrols are also effective as a deterrent, as passers by can never be sure of when the patrol will arrive to check the site. In addition to this, our vehicles and uniformed guards provide a highly visible presence when they arrive to check your site. They also leave stickers and/or cards at various points around the perimeter of your site to notify others of their presence. Guardia mobile patrols work especially well when used in conjunction with electronic security systems, whether they are installed and monitored by us, or your own in-house or pre-existing camera or alarm system. However, the level of security provided to your site can be as much or as little as you like. Guardia always endeavours to work closely with clients to develop a security plan that matches their specific requirements, both in terms of your budget and your security situation. To conclude, a Guardia mobile patrol is perhaps the most efficient and effective way to ensure that safety and security are maintained on your building or construction site at all times. Guardia’s professional private security personnel are fully trained through government-accredited programs as well as our own in-house security induction and ongoing training courses. They are licensed by Victoria Police to perform a variety of private security functions, and are covered by Guardia’s public liability insurance. This means that the choice to use a Guardia mobile patrol to protect your site is both cost-efficient and highly effective when it comes to preventing unwanted intrusions, vandalism, thefts, and other unwanted behaviour at your construction or building site here in Melbourne. For the best in mobile security patrols, contact Guardia Risk on (03) 9863 9701, or send a message and one of our staff will follow up within 12 hours. Furthermore, if you’re looking for a security companies Melbourne, or security services Melbourne today, or security companies Melbourne, contact Guardia Risk on (03) 9863 9701, or send a message and one of our staff will follow up within 12 hours.