Convoy Protection With Guardia

Government and commercial entities require specifically focused and accurate detailed information on the stability and local security when transporting equipment, humanitarian aid or high value cargo. This information is an important part of operational planning and is synchronised with pre-emptive and responsive security measures when traveling. Guardia specialises in providing protection for valuable loads that is transported via land, sea and air in countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan, Libya, Philippines and more. It can be in the form of unarmed cash escorts for long haul trucks as well as a carry on service for valuable loads by air. Our officers are also provided to collect handle and protect assets or other valuables in transit from large the largest of corporations all the way down to individuals. Furthermore, if you’re looking for a security companies Melbourne, or security services Melbourne today, or security companies Melbourne, contact Guardia Risk on (03) 9863 9701, or send a message and one of our staff will follow up within 12 hours.