5 Benefits Hiring Security Guards for your Business

Whether you own or operate a small or large business, the cost of theft and other crime to your company is significant. With the use of video surveillance and onsite Guardia Risk security guards your business can see a quick turn when it comes to your business’s losses. Many companies hire security as a preventive measure; however, there are additional benefits that go with an onsite security guard.

If you’ve been considering bringing additional security into your business, here are five reasons why a security guard benefits your company.


Early crime prevention

When you hire a security guard, the goal is to minimize crime. However, for nefarious actors, the mere presence of a security guard is enough of a deterrent to prevent crimes from being planned or conducted. Security guards are trained to detect suspicious behavior such as body movements, minimizing eye contact or hiding their eyes behind sunglasses or a hat, and curious bags and clothing that appears suspiciously bulky.

No criminal wants to be caught and with a stronger and distinct presence of security most thieves or criminals will move on.

Minimises workplace theft

Fraud, shoplifting, vandalism, and employee theft costs Australian retailers nearly $3 billion a year. Employee theft is the second highest reason for retail shrink in Australia accounting for nearly 25% of retail losses. Much like a security guard minimizes customer theft by having a security presence in your business, it does the same for employees. Security guards act as the check and balance minimizing workplace theft by providing an additional obstacle for theft and vandalism against your company.

Provide a sense of security

The presence of a security guard at your place of employment provides a sense of security for the employer and the employees. Hiring security guards has shown to have a positive effect on employee retention as well as improved employee efficiency and productivity. This effect is even greater if your business is located in a high-risk location or your business deals with small, yet expensive items such as rare coins, jewelry, and banks.

Security issues mitigated quickly

The reality is that no one wants to deal with a security issue. However, from apprehending a suspect, interviewing witnesses, and handling medical concerns, security guards are trained to handle stress-situations efficiently without drawing additional unwanted attention to your business.

Additional layer of customer service

Few business owners hire a security guard with the mindset that the security guard will provide additional customer service. However, from a friendly smile as customers walk into the front door to providing a safety escort to vehicles at night, security guards are often the first and last person that you, your employees, and customers will interact with at your business.

From keeping a secure perimeter to minimising retail shrink and improving customer service, hiring a reputable security firm like Guardia Risk is the best way to keep your business, your employees, and customers safe.

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