Housing Estate Patrols

In recent months, many residential communities have been rightly concerned about increasing rates of criminal and antisocial behaviour, particularly thefts, vandalism, and home invasions. There’s no doubt, we are living in interesting times. Melbourne is changing rapidly, and it is understandably difficult for state authorities such as Victoria Police to keep abreast of these changes. 2016 has seen the rates of criminal behaviour such as theft and vandalism skyrocket, in addition to a particularly confronting increase in the number of home invasions and other brazen criminal acts. Though we are sure that in time these issues will pass, it is important to manage them effectively in the meantime, as a community and as a society here in Melbourne.
We’ve seen in the news that concerned groups are forming neighbourhood patrols and other community organisations in an attempt to curb the effect of rising crime on their neighbourhoods. Frowned upon by police, such attempts at enforcing ‘vigilante-style’ law and order are often futile and time consuming for community members. It is always best to leave the enforcement of law and order to the police, but we understand that these appear to be troubling times with police resources stretched thin in some parts of Melbourne.
We understand that safety and security in your residential area of obviously of prime concern, which is why we have begun to expand our range of mobile patrol services to specifically target residential areas. In recent months, Victoria Police have warned Melbourne residents not to grow anxious about rising levels of crime in the community, and to refrain from forming vigilante groups in an attempt to mitigate the presence of criminal behaviour. Vigilantism has been shown time and again to merely raise tensions in the community, and create a sense of alienation and even intimidation in those community members not included in these initiatives. Using a professional private security firm to enforce safety and security is a far more effective, efficient, and cost-flexible alternative that is in line with police and state requirements and advice.
Guardia, one of Australia’s foremost private security firms, has expanded in recent years to include a range of residential mobile patrol services in our suite of premium security solutions. Mobile patrols are a cost-efficient and effective means of reducing crime and disturbance in a given area, owing to the high-visibility of our mobile security teams, as well as their professional training and experience in monitoring for risks of crime or antisocial behaviour and dealing with such behaviour smoothly and professionally.
In addition to our range of security technology solutions, such as alarm and CCTV systems, mobile patrols offer perhaps the most effective deterrent to criminal and antisocial behaviour in residential areas. Highly-visible in their cars and uniforms, Guardia’s mobile patrol personnel can provide a professional security presence in your neighbourhood that is sure to deter antisocial and criminal behaviour.

What is a mobile security patrol?

In the private security industry, a mobile patrol refers to a small group of professional private security personnel equipped with a vehicle, search lights, torches, and other equipment required to actively patrol and monitor a given area in order to prevent crime, break-ins, and other antisocial behaviour. Mobile patrols are capable of covering a large number of clients simultaneously, with clients able to choose the level of security coverage they require based on their specific circumstances.
Mobile security patrols differ from static security guards, or fixed-local patrol services, in that the security personnel operate from a vehicle to cover a much larger area and service a greater number of clients simultaneously. This greatly assists in keeping the cost of mobile patrol services down, with clients able to select a level of security coverage that best suits them. Mobile patrols are able to conduct checks on a client’s premises as frequently or infrequently as the client likes, allowing for an exceptional degree of cost flexibility.

Guardia’s mobile patrol service is operated by our highly-experienced, fully-trained professional private security personnel. These individuals are professional security contractors, with extensive experience managing a variety of security situations for a great number and range of clients. In addition to their training, experience, and state of the art equipment, all Guardia mobile patrol security personnel are fully licensed as required by Victoria Police and other relevant authorities. This high-standard of professionalism, in addition to our public liability insurance, ensures that Guardia mobile patrols operating in housing estates and other residential areas are trained to work closely with local authorities and to handle security risks or events with safety, efficiency, and professionalism that cannot be matched by community neighbourhood watch groups or even local police groups, who’s resources are often stretched quite thin.

Why choose Guardia?

Guardia is one of Australia’s most highly-respected and experienced private security firms. With over 30+ years experience we have been providing some of the highest quality, most comprehensive private security services here in Melbourne, interstate, and even abroad. We have expanded our scope in recent years to incorporate a greater range of private security services in our suite of security solutions for businesses, individuals, and organisations of all shapes and sizes.
The Guardia team is diverse, highly-experienced, trained as required through government-accredited programs, and fully licensed by Victoria Police to perform a wide range of security functions. As part of our commitment to excellent service and results, Guardia only works with the best private security professionals. You can be sure that any Guardia security personnel entrusted with your safety or security requirements are first-class private security professionals who have the knowledge, experience, and tools to exceed your expectations and wholly satisfy your security requirements.

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