How Security Guard Patrol Service Could Benefit Your Business

When it comes to providing first-class private security arrangements for individuals, businesses, and organisations across Melbourne, Guardia is number one in terms of quality and efficiency. Guardia’s security personnel are hand-picked from some of the country’s most experienced and reliable security practitioners, ensuring that Guardia staff bring a range of security experience to their roles in addition to our in-house training and preparation program. If you are looking to keep your business premises secure around the clock, Guardia is able to create a tailored security plan that reflects your specific needs and circumstances. In many cases, it is not practical to employ stationary guards or fixed patrols at your business premises around the clock. If your premises is large, this may be the best way to go, but if your property is smaller and less accessible, there are a range of more efficient security options open to you. With our range of security services, technology, and experience, Guardia can maintain an optimum level of security at your business around the clock based on what you need. For smaller business premises, we recommended Guardia’s mobile patrol service, a flexible yet highly-effective security arrangement that provides ongoing monitoring and protection around the clock.

What is a security guard patrol?

Security guard patrols are a kind of security arrangement that involves a team of professional security practitioners visiting your premises at specific time intervals around the clock. Our mobile patrol teams operate from Guardia vehicles that are equipped with a range of equipment such as spotlights and communications equipment. Based on the level of security you require at your business premises, a Guardia patrol team will visit your business at pre-arranged intervals and conduct the type of check you require. You may arrange for our security guard patrol team to conduct regular perimeter checks throughout the night, for example, in addition to a more thorough internal check once per-night. During the most basic check, a perimeter check, our security practitioners move around the perimeter of your business premises and leave calling cards at certain intervals to make their presence known. They also check for any sign of a security breach, and ensure that the premises is secure before returning to their vehicle and continuing their patrol. When our patrol team visits your premises to conduct a check, they leave Guardia’s personalised calling cards at intervals around the perimeter. This ensures that you have a physical record of our team’s presence, with the calling cards also acting as a deterrent to those observing your business premises after hours. Mobile patrols are a flexible alternative to static or fixed security teams, as they allow clients to choose a level of coverage that best suits their budgetary constraints and security requirements. Guardia mobile security patrols serve a range of businesses across Melbourne, with each team managing a certain number of clients as part of their regular schedule. This means that a mobile patrol team is not constantly present at your business, but they appear periodically in their vehicle to conduct the required checks. Mobile patrols act as a powerful deterrent to would-be trespassers, as our calling cards are placed at each entrance point during our regular checks. If you have an electronic security system at your premises, such as closed-circuit security cameras and/or an alarm, we can link this system in with our mobile patrol team’s communications equipment to ensure a rapid response in the event of a security breach. All Guardia clients can rest assured that a response from one of our mobile patrol teams will be swift and effective, ensuring that any trespassers are apprehended and relevant parties are contacted as quickly as possible.

How can a security patrol benefit my business?

Guardia’s mobile patrol service is highly flexible, allowing you to arrange a level of security that matches your budget and circumstances. For those who are concerned about mobile patrol routines being monitored or observed by would-be offenders, fear not, for all mobile patrol visits occur at random intervals within an allotted time period, at a frequency chosen by the client. As mobile patrols are vehicle based, with our security practitioners leaving the vehicle in order to conduct the required checks to your business premises, a highly-visible security presence is maintained at your premises around the clock. This is further bolstered by the presence of Guardia calling cards at specific spots around the premises, which inform any observers that the site is being protected by a mobile patrol.

Client benefits of Guardia’s mobile patrol service:

• A flexible and cost-effective alternative to fixed security personnel which provides around the clock security coverage at your business, • Provides a visible deterrent to unwanted behaviour such as trespassing, theft, or vandalism, with calling cards and/or stickers placed at certain points around your premises and security teams operating from a Guardia vehicle, • Highly-suitable for businesses that operate 24 hours a day, with a patrol team checking in regularly to ensure that there are no security prQoblems. If your business operates 24 hours a day, or late at night, you can contact your patrol team in the event that any suspicious behaviour is observed, • Works exceptionally well in addition to electronic security systems such as cameras and alarms, with our security teams able to monitor your security equipment remotely in order to respond in the event of a breach. The comparatively low cost of mobile patrol security services ensures that they are accessible even for smaller businesses, which are often more likely to suffer from the consequences of a break in or vandalism scenario than larger businesses. Additionally, larger properties can be patrolled effectively by a vehicle-based mobile patrol team. If your business is open late, a mobile patrol service gives you and your employees peace of mind that a security presence is being maintained. This is particularly important for employees or customers who are going to and from your business after hours. Lodging properties, such as resorts or hotels, benefit immensely from mobile patrol services. Providing a visible security presence at required intervals demonstrates to guests that security is taken seriously and their lodgings are secure. Your mobile patrol team is also instructed to monitor for and report any non-security related risks to health and safety at your business premises. For example, a storm may have resulted in wind damage to your business property, which may worsen if left unattended. Similarly for risks of flooding or fires, a security patrol ensures that your business premises is being checked regularly for any signs of disorder or damage.

Personalised service for Guardia security clients

In addition to standard mobile patrol procedures, clients are able to request a level of security coverage that best suits their requirements. The level of detail involved in our security checks is determined by the client, based on their needs and concerns. If you believe that your business has a unique security situation, we can discuss this with you in order to decide how best to keep your business safe and secure around the clock. If you require business security guard patrol services, contact Guardia Risk on (03) 9863 9701, or send a message and one of our staff will follow up within 12 hours. Furthermore, if you’re looking for a security companies Melbourne, or security services Melbourne today, or security companies Melbourne, contact Guardia Risk on (03) 9863 9701, or send a message and one of our staff will follow up within 12 hours.