K9 Security Brisbane

Canine or K9 security provides an essential contribution when it comes to making environments secured. From shopping malls to airports, guard dogs have become an additional layer of protection. Hospitals, schools, and corporate buildings have even employed the services of this unique security unit. These security units have really become vital in places where crowd safety is a concern.

There are many benefits to employing the best K9 security Brisbane has to offer. First of all, dogs like German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, and Doberman Pinscher are effective in deterring potential troublemakers and intruders.

Dogs have faster reaction than humans. Thus, K9 security units are able to reduce or even eliminate the usual response times of 30-45 minutes. Most of the time, these security units are able to engage culprits even before the authorities arrive, thereby giving the public time to escape a dangerous situation.

Another benefit of canine security unit is their speed. Dogs are able to run almost 48 kph. Speed is an important element when catching and dealing with perpetrators. It is extremely difficult for a perpetrator to fend off or to accurately target a fast-moving dog during the heat of the moment.

There are also a broad range of solutions where dogs can become very useful. For one thing, K9 security units are able to cover a wider territory because of their mobility and speed.  These units can almost 4 times the coverage of security guards. Furthermore, they can also be used to detect illegal drugs and other contrabands.

Canines have better sense of smell and hearing. When properly trained, they can detect strange noises that are impossible for humans to hear. They can also detect unusual odors such as gunpowder. They can hear gunfire from kilometers away and detect its place of origin more accurately than humans. In addition, with their sense of smell, they are also more efficient in detecting bombs, guns, and gun powders than metal and bomb detectors.

K9 units are trained to meet different types of people without reacting aggressively, however, must always be on guard if untoward incidents arise. These security dogs are also trained to chase and attack on the command of the handler. They don’t go out on a fury and will seize they attack or chase immediately after being commanded.

Hesitation is also something that armed guards are commonly troubled with. However, with canines, they will not hesitate to chase or attack when commanded. Thus, they will also act appropriately even during high tension situations.

Canine security Brisbane is also cost-effective. Since they are able to cover more space and can be used for a variety of functions, it means that you will be paying fewer individuals. Insurance premiums for security dogs are also lower than armed security guards. There is also lower liability for both short and long terms and their return on your investment is also higher.

Security and Guard Dogs Brisbane

Security Dogs or K9 Security is a part of a broad range of security services that Guardia provides in Brisbane and its surrounding areas. We offer highly trained and professional k9 security units that our clients who need efficient patrols or are areas or situations that have high security risks.

Our canine security units are ablet to cover large areas, and thus are commonly deployed in places and situations that require efficient and cost-effective security services. Here is a list of places or situations where our K9 security Brisbane services are highly in demand:

  • Hospitals
  • School premises
  • Shopping malls and entertainment centres
  • Airports, terminals, and ports
  • Car parks
  • Corporate buildings
  • Construction sites
  • Industrial sites such as manufacturing plants, storage, and warehouses.
  • Business premises such as car dealerships or car yard

It is essential for all the above-mentioned places or situations to have security units that have enhanced sense of vigilance and quick and efficient intervention abilities. There is no telling when and where intruders and criminals will attempt to do criminal activities like smuggling illegal drugs or firearms or hiding on the properties during daytime and emerging one the property is closed.

Why Choose Guardia Risk’s Security Dogs Brisbane

With Guardia Risk, we make sure that our clients can get advantage of the numerous benefits that come with K9 security Brisbane. Our canine security patrols are highly efficient in preventing vandalism, trespassing, theft, and all sorts of crimes.

Guardia’s security dogs are trained to adapt quickly to any environments and situations. These security units can be deployed quickly depending on the security needs of our client. Our security dogs in Brisbane are able to cover large areas and are trained to quickly respond to different security scenarios.

Our guard dogs have undergone extensive training to detect illegal drugs, guns, bombs, and other dangerous and prohibited substances and materials. Our security units are will only attack on command and will cease its chase and attack with simple commands from their handler.

Here at Guardia Risk, we also provide a more traditional guard dogs security and protection to a range of clients with specific requirements. Our clients can have our canine units coordinate with guard patrols to secure large, high-risk areas.

Guardia has extensive experience in providing K9 security in Brisbane and its surrounding areas. Our security dogs in Brisbane have been deployed to protect a range of areas including private dwellings, construction sites, buildings, and outdoor businesses.

Hiring Guardia’s K9 Security Brisbane

When you hire Guardia, the first action we will take is to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your property and identify the potential risks. Our security expert will then formulate and recommend a security strategy that will fit all of your requirements. During this time, our security expert will work hand in hand with you to ensure that you are highly satisfied with our recommendations.

So if you need the help of the leading security company that provide the best and most effective K9 Security Brisbane services, get in touch with Guardia Risk now at (03) 9863 9701 or leave us a message on our contact page.

In addition, if you are on the lookout for a reliable security company Brisbane with proven experience and skills, or if you need security services Brisbane today, get in touch Guardia Risk at (03) 9863 9701, or send a quick message on our contact page. Our professional and friendly staff will get in touch with you within 12 hours.