Maritime Security Patrols Brisbane

Australian economy heavily depends on maritime transport. In fact, 98% of all the imports and exports in Australia are being transported by sea. Thus, it is critical to ensure that this valuable supply chain has enough protection. The government of Australia has applied maritime security legislations and regulations to assist in safeguarding Australia’s maritime transport system from different threats such as terrorism, piracy, and unlawful interference.


Security risk assessments and security strategies are implemented on all port facilities, offshore facilities, security regulated ports, ships, etc. But the general aim of this is to cover vast coastline patrols and to safeguard the transport of goods and services.

Guardia Risk specialises in Maritime Security and has been the leading provider of a complete range of Maritime Security Services include Maritime Security Patrols – all of which are compliant with Australian Government’s Maritime Security regulations.

Our management and staff are remarkably familiar with the Maritime Security industry, having worked in security operations at vital Australian ports. We ensure that each staff and personnel have gone through rigorous training and are constantly updated with the most efficient methods and approaches to Maritime Security Patrols and Services.

Over these years, we have worked with a wide range of clients from developing, writing and evaluating Maritime Security Strategies/Plans to implementation. We have offered our expertise and knowledge in maritime security patrols, site security management, cruise ship security, alarm and threat response, CCTV operations and other aspects of maritime security operations.

Guardia Risk ensures that each of our security personnel are ideally placed and are also equipped with the best security equipment to provide the maximum security. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable staff and personnel can provide a wide range of guidance, assistance and services to ensure that our clients and other maritime industry participants, as well as their goods and services are thoroughly guarded against any possible threat.

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