Private Event Security Guard Brisbane

Security guards are essential during private events. Generally, you want to restrict access to the event or prevent guests from entering restricted areas in the venue. It is also a requirement if you plan to serve liquor or alcoholic beverages at a rented venue. Overall, you want the environment of your party to stay safe for all of your guests.

Guardia is one of the leading providers of security services for all types of private events in Brisbane and its surrounding suburbs. No matter what kind of private event you have, be it birthday parties, weddings, dinners, fundraisers, corporate parties, or VIP events, we are the ideal security company for the job!

At Guardia Risk, we ensure that both our new and regular clients are secured under the protection of our highly skilled and trained security personnel. Our 15 years of experience in the security sector, we have unparalleled professionalism, skills, and training.

We confidently and efficiently handle all kids of clients and all manner of venues including bars, hotels, nightclubs, shopping centres, retail shops, restaurants, entertainment business, construction sites, private properties, and other licensed venues.

Why Choose Guardia Risk to Secure Your Next Event?

There are numerous benefits of choosing a professional, dependable and reputable security company over unreliable security businesses. Choosing a reputable security company in Brisbane would mean taking advantage of these benefits and having complete control over the level of security during your private event.

Here at Guardia, we are driven by our passion to provide the best security services Brisbane has to offer. Thus, we ensure that we employ a team of highly skilled, experienced, and trained security guards. This gives us and our clients the assurance that their private event has a visible professional security element thereby making our client and their guests feel safe with the knowledge that everyone in the event are protected by the most dependable security company Brisbane has to offer.

Each of our team members are required to undergo regular training and seminars to ensure that we provide the best and the latest security services in Brisbane. Apart from training and seminars, we also make use of the latest technology available in the security industry. This gives our clients the assurance that we can always meet their unique security requirements for their private events.

Here at Guardia Risk, we tailor fit our private event security guard Brisbane services to fit the specific security requirements and situations of our clients and their guests. Our highly skilled professionals can be visible, wearing security uniforms or any attire determined by our client. Our extensive experience in the security sector includes providing services to government clients in tough situations like conflict areas in Middle East.  

Aside from being the best in the field, each of our team members fully understands that prevention is always better than neutralizing threats. This is especially true for private events. Thus, our private event security guards are always on the look out for possible scenarios that will end in violence or interruption of the event.

Our team at Guardia are also fully aware that the reputation of our client and our Brisbane security company can be determined based on the success of their private event. This reputation can be negatively affected by the emergence of unforeseen incidents.

Risk management is among the primary considerations in achieving a successful private event. Therefore, our private event security guard services are built and customised with risk management at its pillars. What this means is that visible security presence is not enough to deter security threats. Thus, each of our team members are always vigilant against possible threats to security.

Intoxications, unruly and threatening behaviors, and unwanted guests are only a few of the security threats that our professionals look out for. And if any untoward incident should occur, our security guards are trained to address them as discreetly and professionally as possible.

Our private event security guards are trained to maintain order and deter incidents and crimes. They are also trained to provide utmost security and enforce rules set forth by the client. Nevertheless, the job of security personnel may encompass these tasks. As such, our private event security guard in Brisbane can also function as parking control, guest management, gate keepers or ticket takers, and more. Our security personnel can also watch equipment all night and help in answering guests’ queries.

With Guardia Risk, you can rest assured that all of your security requirements will be met efficiently and professionally. Our private event security guard Brisbane services include bag search, body check, door supervision, event access control, parking lot security, fire watch, evacuation planning, emergency evacuation, crowd control, and escorting VIP’s. We also include activity and incident reports.

When planning an event there are too many worries and too many tasks that need your attention. You need to plan your even activities, create a guest list, choose the venue, choose which food to serve your guests, etc. The last thing you need is to worry about your event’s security.

Guardia will make security simple and easy for our clients. The moment you become Guardia’s client; a security professional will be assigned to you. This professional has extensive knowledge and experience in the security industry. Our security staff will hear out your security concerns and determine your situation, then offer valuable recommendations to you such as where our security personnel will be stationed so we can monitor your event efficiently.

With Guardia by your side, you can be assured that your private event will be safe and secure for both you and your clients. No matter what kind of environment, or the level of noise, or circumstance, with our experience, knowledge, skills, and equipment, you can rest assure that we can keep your event safe and secured.

For the best private event security guard Brisbane has to offer, call Guardia Risk at (03) 9863 9701 or leave us a message on our contact form. One of our professional and friendly staff will contact you in the next 12 hours.