Private investigator

Guardia’s Private investigator’s assists leading businesses to help protect themselves against fraud, employee issues, shrinkage, worker’s compensation claims and other illegal activities and also individuals’ safety and entitlements, helping achieve their investigation objectives. At Guardia we take pride in providing comprehensive private investigator services. Whether its private investigators, corporate investigation services, private eye detectives and investigators or you just want investigation services to protect your business, we invite you to give us a go and we assure you that your enquires will be held with the strictest of discretion and in confidence.

Private Investigator Melbourne

Divorce investigations, Domestic Investigations, Background Checks for Employers and More As licensed investigators, we have the professional knowledge, skills, and motivation to find important hidden details that others might want to keep hidden from you. We work with clients when they are at their most vulnerable and stressed. So we understand that the trust they place in us is paramount to our professionalism. The confidence of our clients is our greatest asset, and in return we provide unbeatable results. Based in Melbourne for over 15+ years, our team has served some high profile clients – including performing security work in Afghanistan and Iraq. Our scope is wide, and our reach is global. Our services are as comprehensive as it gets for private investigators here in Melbourne.

Private Investigator Services

Some of our surveillance services include: • Hidden camera placement and site monitoring • Geolocation services: reporting on or monitoring the location of a person or object • Covert surveillance: following someone without their knowledge, monitoring where they go, what they do, who they may meet – including video or photographic record where possible. • Static surveillance: Monitoring a specific location and recording the comings and goings of individuals or groups, complete with photographic or video records Investigative services, those which require more complex skills, techniques, and equipment, include: • Identification of addresses, such as workplaces or residences for persons of interest • Locating lost individuals or objects, including missing persons • WiFi Network Penetration in cases that require it • OHS/ Fair Work investigations • Investigation of identities, including obtaining identity and other information of an unknown individual • Witness interviewing • Social network engineering, creating live information feeds where required This is just a small sample of our many surveillance and investigative services. Based on a client’s request, we are able to advise on which services or methods may best suit their circumstances.

You have control

When we work with you on an investigation, you are in control of what sort of methods we use, how long we carry out specific activities, and how and when we report back to you. Some clients may prefer a single report at the end of the job, while others like to be kept informed in real time. Whichever you prefer, our investigative skills, techniques, and equipment are at your fingertips. For the best private investigators Melbourne has to offer, contact Guardia Risk on (03) 9863 9701, or send a message and one of our staff will follow up within 12 hours. Furthermore, if you’re looking for a security companies Melbourne, or security services Melbourne today, or security companies Melbourne, contact Guardia Risk on (03) 9863 9701, or send a message and one of our staff will follow up within 12 hours.