Security Guard Brisbane

Skills and experience are two vital elements that a professional security guard Brisbane needs to have to provide a secure and safe environment for the client. Furthermore, with by using top-of-the-line equipment, one could provide the best performance and deliver maximum results. Providing the best security services in Brisbane, also requires extensive accreditation, and having passed the qualification requirements enforced by different regulatory bodies, as well as Queensland Police.

Guardia security proudly satisfies all the aforementioned elements. As such, our clients are assured that our personnel are not only skilled, experienced and licensed by regulatory bodies, but are also equipped with what they need to provide the best security guard services Brisbane has to offer.

We at Guardia, fully understands how vital customer service is. We have a full grasp of how client-focused service can hep us create a long-lasting relationship with our clients. Therefore, we do everything within our power to provide the best customer service and build a formidable, long-term relationship with each of our client.

Highly efficient security services, top performing security guards, who can adapt to the specific and unique requirements and situations of our client can only come from the best security guard company in Brisbane – Guardia.

It is vital to know the specific security circumstances which are affecting you or your business, when you are looking for a Brisbane security guard. This will help you choose the most ideal security company who will provide you with the best security guard or security services that is tailored to your requirements, as well as your personal and professional attitude and culture.

Security Guard Brisbane

Below is a list of security guard services provided by Guardia:

  • Business premises security
  • Building and grounds security
  • Bodyguard Brisbane
  • Crowd control
  • Event and function security
  • Guard dogs, canine security patrols or K9 security
  • Static security guards
  • On-site domestic security
  • On-site commercial security
  • Mobile patrols

Building, Business Premises, Facilities and Grounds Security Brisbane

Guardia security personnel can monitor a wide range of security risks and maintain a secure environment in different settings and situations, which is ideal for businesses who require onsite security presence. Our security guards provide highly-visible security presence in a wide range of business premises such as construction sites, schools, hospitals, car parks, etc.

Based on the specific requirements and situations of our client, our security guards will have a fixed position, conduct patrols and checks at prearranged intervals, while observing goings on and looking out for possible security risks. 

Bodyguard Brisbane

Guardia is aware of the intensified necessity for close personal security, as well as security services strategic implementation for clients based in Brisbane. Our Brisbane bodyguards are trained and obliged to surpass the level of service that other security guards provide, since they are responsible for the safety and security of the client. Thus, they do everything in their capability to make sure that no security threat will harm the client.

Risk identification and management is one of the key factors in dealing with threats. Our Brisbane bodyguards understand that they need to rigorously monitor and quickly respond to any changes in the environment – changes that may affect the security at any given circumstances.

Therefore, a Brisbane bodyguard, as your personal close-protection asset, is able to fill different roles quickly, such as being your assistant, concierge, driver and security advisor. Your bodyguard is your right-hand-man – informing you of any potential security threats to allow you to effectively adjust your plans accordingly.

Event Security Guards Brisbane

If you have an event or an important function, you need an event security that has the experience and skill, which comes from the dynamic nature of the environment. It is difficult to predict the flow of emotion and energy during parties and public gatherings. Thus, requiring security guards to always remain vigilant and responsive.

Our even security guards are well-aware of their role, which is to make sure that the even is successful and incident-free. As such, they understand that the visible presence and their level of engagement is determined by the client. With Guardia, whether you want uniformed security guards or plain-clothed security guards at your party is up to you.

Mobile Patrol Security Guards Brisbane

For some clients, it can be a bit costly to hire security guards by the hour, especially if they do not have fixed or high-risk security requirements. Guardia provides the perfect solution to this dilemma and that is our mobile security patrols. This service means that the client’s home of business is periodically checked at different intervals decided by the client.

A mobile security patrol is composed of two security guards, who are based in a vehicle equipped with lights and communication equipment. The team travels on a predetermined route and would normally stop at various intervals to check on the premises of the client across their route.

Upon their arrival at the client’s home or business, the mobile patrol guards will get out of their vehicle to perform a security check. The client will determine the level of security check that the guards will perform. The client can either request them to do a thorough internal security check or just a brief perimeter check – it is totally up to the client. This type of security is ideal for clients who require security services after hours and clients who are located in remote or unserved locations. And on top of that, this is cost-effective, which is why it poses as a more attractive alternative to hiring a full-time security guard, which you need to pay by-the-hour.

Brisbane Security Guards

Guardia provides security guard Brisbane professionals who are able to maintain optimum level of security in a broad range of circumstances or situations. Our personnel is able to adapt their duties to fit the specific needs of each individual client. We make use of our experience, qualifications, skills and equipment to handle dynamic and high-risk security conditions. No matter the risk and environment, our Brisbane security guards deliver optimal security outcomes for individual clients, businesses and organisations; by utilising both their professional and personal skills.

Guardia ensures that our clients have total control of the visibility and completeness of your security coverage. We have highly-qualified and trained security guards who are able to are capable of adapting their varied skills to handle security risks no matter what form they take. Risk Detection and Minimisation, together with constant monitoring of premises and constant communication regarding the situations and risks are the key factors where our service is built upon.

If you want the best security guard Brisbane service, get in touch with us today on (03) 9863 9701 or leave us a message at our contact us page. Our friendly and knowledgeable stuff will get back to you within 12 hours.