Security Patrols Brisbane

Guardia understands that the key to successful risk prevention and security is by providing the highest possible level of security coverage and the fastest response capability. This type of understanding sets us apart from other security companies and made us the leading provider of mobile security patrols Brisbane.

Our mobile security patrols consist of small groups in vehicles. Each professional security personnel is issued with all the equipment needed to carry out complete security checks, successful apprehensions and constant, uninterrupted communication tools. This allows our security patrols to respond quickly and efficiently to any real or perceived security threat or risk.

Our mobile security patrols service is ideal for a wide range of clients. They effectively prevent criminal and disruptive behavior from affecting the client, business, organization or community. Our 3 decades of experience in providing security services in Brisbane has given us a high level of understanding of what makes a successful security service.

We are also aware that high-level and continuous training, and full licensing by Queensland Police and other regulatory authorities are key components to carrying our efficient operations. Another key to effective operations is thorough professional relationship between us and our clients based exceptional communication and customer control over the client’s security outcomes will also help make a more efficient operation.

Security Patrols Brisbane

What are Security Patrols?

Security patrols are security teams that traverse through a certain premise on random or predesignated times. This type of security service is highly efficient in dealing with all sorts of criminal behavior, unwanted entries, or other disruptions, which may negatively affect a business or personal property. This security service is ideal for businesses that need wider security coverage.

Guardia is a security patrols services provider in Brisbane who operates a large team of skilled, licensed, and experienced professionals. With our large workforce, we are able to deploy small teams of private security guards to do comprehensive checks of our client’s home or business are certain times. With our manpower and modern vehicles, we can patrol and monitor an entire area that requires security coverage. Accurate, real-time information is continuously relayed to the client using communications and information equipment installed on all of our patrol vehicles.

Guardia also provides our services to homeowners and community-based security organisations who are concerned with the criminal activities in their neighborhood. Have that sense of security and safety that you’ve always wanted for your neighborhood. Guardia mobile patrols are friendly and very observant and will always work closely with local authorities, residents and community organisations like neighborhood watch initiatives. Thus, making sure that the order and safety within the neighborhood or community are maintained to optimal degree.

For residential clients, we commonly conduct an interview with the client. This interview will let us know the area with which the client would like us to secure. A team of uniformed security personnel commonly consist our mobile patrols will roam through or patrol the area stated by the client using modern vehicle and state-of-the-art security equipment.

With mobile patrols capable providing quick response to both security risks and criminal behaviors, you and your fellow residents can feel safe and protected in your own neighborhood. In the event hat a risk is identified, our security professionals will work closely with residents and local authorities, and promptly respond to ensure that the risk is alleviated as soon as possible. Put your trust in the leading security company Brisbane has to offer and get the sense of unparalleled safety and security.

Are you experiencing a spike of criminal activities in your neighborhood? Have you or one of your neighbors been a victim of mugging or home invasion? Are you unable to get quick help from the police because their resources are spread too thin? While such an event is unfortunate, please know that Guardia is here for you.

By placing Guardia in your neighborhood, you are rest assured that there is someone reliable who will provide immediate and efficient response whenever there is a criminal activity or antisocial behavior happening in your neighborhood. Our residential mobile patrol services are cost-efficient and are kept at minimum because we are aware of how vital it is for communities to become safe and secured.

With or without the support of your local neighborhood watch organization, you and your neighbors may still take our mobile patrol services. We can arrange it so that the cost of the services will be divided between relevant households so that you and your neighbors will barely feel its financial impact.

Guardia is confident that you are aware of the fact that criminal behavior poses more financial risk than setting up a security patrol service. Thieves and home invaders these days are much bolder in their activities here in Brisbane.

Construction and Building Mobile Patrol Brisbane

Construction sites are often wide size, but what makes them really challenging to keep secure is because of their temporary nature and the fleeting presence of workers. This nature of construction sites makes them an attractive target for thieves, vandals and other unlawful activities. Break-ins, theft, vandalism or property damage occur regularly that it leads to construction work setbacks, which makes construction sites sensitive areas when it comes to security.

With more than 30 years of experience in providing private security to building owners and construction companies in Brisbane, we at Guardia have become aware of the different risks in the lapse in security. Using our extensive knowledge and experience, coupled with our highly trained security professionals and state of the art equipment, we can keep a construction site, no matter how extensive it is, safe and secured ‘round the clock.

Our mobile patrols are efficient in dissuading and preventing criminal activities around construction and building sites. Because our uniformed security personnel and our highly visible vehicles, individuals who plan on committing unlawful activities are deterred. We also make use of monitoring equipment such as CCTV and alarm systems, while our mobile patrol provides the quickest response in the event of unauthorized entry, or theft or vandalism attempts.

What sets Guardia apart from other Security Patrols Brisbane 

Our 30+ years of experience have made us understand how incredibly vital security is for both residential groups and business organisations. Thus, we intensely focus on only providing first-class security arrangements to individuals, organisations and businesses in Brisbane. Apart from making sure that our security personnel are highly trained and licensed, we also make sure that they undergo continuous training to further hone their skills.

Top of the line vehicles and security equipment are utilized to aid our security personnel, thus ensuring that they provide the best security services Brisbane has to offer. Guardia, aside from providing the top security services, also makes sure that these services are cost competitive.

If you want the best security patrols Brisbane service, get in touch with us today on (03) 9863 9701 or leave us a message at our contact us page. Our friendly and knowledgeable stuff will get back to you within 12 hours.