Guardia offers the Best Security Guard Services Brisbane has to offer.

As the leading security guard company Brisbane, we ensure that all of our services, as well as our crown control officers are the best in the industry across the globe!

Guardia provides a wide range of security services to numerous clients in different industries including entertainment, defense, and maritime industries. Our services are commonly used for major public concerts and events as well as in corporate offices, supermarkets, shopping malls, hospitals and construction sites.

We make sure that we only provide our clients with experienced and well-groomed security personnel. All our team members are licensed and insured, so that our clients can feel safe knowing that our team can handle any situation. Each security personnel have undergone intensive training to ensure that we offer only the best and most effective security services in Brisbane. And to make sure that they can respond and solve various mishaps quickly and effectively, we make sure that they continuously undergo rigorous security training.

Security Services Brisbane

Aside from ensuring our security personnel’s efficiency, what sets us apart from other security companies is our exceptional customer service. As the leading Brisbane security company, we always make sure that we offer a safe and protected environment not only to our clients but also the staffs, consumers, and the entire surroundings.

We have impeccable response unit that always meet the unique and diverse requirements of each of our clients. We at Guardia have 24 hour a day response window, which means our clients can rest easy knowing that they are safe and protected at all times. We are not only known for providing tight security but are also tested to provide rapid response in cases of security breaches.

We at Guardia know that getting a security service can be additional cost for an organization, which is why we make sure that we meet each of our client’s needs and requirements. Our professional knowledge in this field, plus our deep dedication for our profession makes us the preferred choice not only by organisations in Brisbane but also those on its surrounding areas as well.

With Guardia, our clients can expect excellent services such as

  • Corporate Security Services
  • Executive Security
  • Unarmed or Plain Stationary Unarmed Security Guard Services
  • Gate Keepers (access control)
  • Licensed Festival/Event Security Guard Services
  • Licensed Crowd Control Officers

Find out what it’s like to work together with one of Australia’s leading security companies, get in touch with Guardia now! Contact us at (03) 9863 9701 or leave a message on our contact form. Our staffs are always ready to take your call and provide you with different security solution that will suit your needs!