Work Function Security

Guardia Risk here in Melbourne offers a comprehensive range of event and function security packages to cater to Melbourne’s diverse business, corporate and residential community. If you’re holding an event at your workplace, business, or community venue you need to be sure that guests are able to enjoy the event with the peace of mind that comes with a comprehensive security arrangement. An event’s security is an indicator of the host’s reputation. Providing high quality event management and security will ensure that your guests remain secure and comfortable, reflecting well upon your reputation as a host. Guardia Risk work function security provides services for a variety of clients hosting work functions, including awards nights, Christmas functions, or any kind of event which involves a significant number of guests. Our extensive experience here in Melbourne, earned over Guardian’s 15 years as a premium security business, has covered an enormous range of venues, functions, and clients. Restaurant, festival, bar, hotel, and club security are all part of the Guardia Risk repertoire. Guardia Risks Melbourne work function security service can cover any corporate, business, or community function in whichever venue the client selects. All Guardia event security personnel hold current Responsive Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificates in addition to their Victoria Police security licenses and relevant vocational training in security, crowd control, and customer service. Our staff are also trained in first aid practices, and can assist event hosts and guests should any kind of disturbance arise. Guardia Risk work function security provides a comprehensive plan to any prospective client based on the specific requirements of them and their venue. We take a crowd control and customer service oriented approach to function and event security. Your Guardia Risk event security plan will cover everything from entry and ID requirements to lost property, unruly patrons, and missing persons. Once a plan has been created and Guardia Risk event security personnel are on site, they work by maintaining a constant state of vigilance backed up by effective communication with each other and the host/s. Our security staff will maintain order and security at your event or function by identifying potential problems and addressing them before they can develop into a threat to the event’s order and security. All Guardia Risk event and function security personnel have received experience and instruction in coordinating with emergency services here in Melbourne, including ambulance, police, and fire services. For the best in work function security contact Guardia Risk now (03) 9863 9701 or leave a message on our contact form.